What is eDiary?

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eDiary is an online site diary for construction projects. eDiary is used to save day-to-day site activities and report that information to site directors. All site diary information in one centralised place, easily shared and collated with geo-located site pictures. Paper diaries are hard to read, often remain with the person writting them and lack pictorial detail. eDiary is instantly searchable across all entries. Receive automatically recorded overwritable local weather updates 3 times per day for each location in your site contracts. eDiary can be used as a contemporaneous record of events and is a written description of what happened at the time. Your online data privacy is our top priority. eDiary is hosted by Microsoft Azure, the most scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure on the web.
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Cost Benefit Analysis

Quantitative Qualitative Savings*
Information Technology
in Construction
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  • Avoidance of litigation
  • Time saved recording
  • Time saved searching
  • Improved cost effectiveness of handling claims
  • Improved oversight (accuracy) of subcontractor billing
  • Avoidance of litigation
  • Safety
  • Record quality
  • Job satisfaction
  • Process improvement
  • Cultural change
Source of saving Amount saved annually assuming 50 users
Time saved recording 30,000 EUR
Time saved searching 46,000 EUR
Improved cost effectiveness of claims handling 590,000 EUR
Total666,000 EUR
*Source: Mobi Cloud EU Project

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